Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Mover and Shaker Creativity Muse

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I had a fun assignment for an online class I am taking on creativity
The task was to create a representation of your muse.
Here is what I wrote for to include with the assignment:

The inspiration for personifying my Creativity Muse did not come to me right away. I did immediately begin to think of different materials and doll making techniques that I could use. But something told me to stop and wait. Finally one day into week 3 of the program, the idea struck me. I could see in my mind a magazine article I had seen before with figurines made from salt shakers. And as luck would have it I had saved some old salt shakers from my grandparents things and had them in the garage.

The ideas began to flow. I thought it would be fun to put beads in the bottle and even write my intentions and questions on slips of paper and slip them in the bottle ~ adding more as I progressed through the program and beyond. Most exciting was when my Muse said to me, "I'm your "mover and shaker" muse! I laughed out loud.

As I made her, I loved that the head dress includes stars. The stars remind me to reach for the stars. The wire spirals remind me that inspiration comes when I put out my antennae and seek it from all around me. Inside the bottle are crystal beads to remind me of clarity, pearls for wisdom and a small jingle bell for playfulness. My "mover and shaker muse" reminds me that I am to sprinkle the star dust of inspiration upon everyone I serve and on everything that I create.

Her head is made from a miniature wooden spool. I wrapped beige thread on the spool and embroidered her face and features. I added a few seed beads for the eyes and lips. This also correlates to the fact that most of the art I am creating right now involves sewing and making art quilts. Did I really think of these things as I was making her? No, I just made her and then she "told" me what it all meant! And so here she is making her debut appearance!

Monday, March 8, 2010

5 x 7 Art Scholarship Benefit 2010

close up detail of stitchery

The Texas Tech University annual 5 x 7 show will be April 24th.
All contributed art is 5 x 7 inches and priced the same amount.
For more information on the event's details, contact the Texas Tech Art Dept. All donations go towards art scholarships.

All that Jazz

This is a detail of my Jazz themed quilt on display at the Texas Tech Museum thru March 21st with other artists from the Caprock Art Quilters. We were invited to have Jazz themed small quilts on display to compliment the current traveling Jazz art quilt exhibit. Be sure to see ours along the hallway between the gift shop and the planetarium. The main exhibit is wonderful! Be sure to see both!

Creative Spaces

I don't know why but I am creatively inspired by having all these little whimsical and colorful things around me. The middle photo is a space in the corner of my laundry room! I am somewhat neatly cluttered.