Tuesday, May 25, 2010

With a Gypsy Heart....

These earrings I am currently making are going hand in hand with
my current writing and latest poem so I am calling these my
Gypsy Heart line of jewelry! Enjoy the poem!

With a gypsy heart,

she was a strong but quiet rebel

living only internal dreams

in her corporate cardboard world.

With a gypsy heart,

she was enslaved in a cubicle

with the hold button on her dreams

and her passions in a file folder.

With a gypsy heart,

she began to dance with dreams

of new possibilities and knock on

the doors of bold adventure.

With a gypsy heart,

time began to ripen her confidence

until "invisible" was no longer an option.

The rebel was ready to blossom.

With a gypsy heart

she set sail on a new course

to navigate life with her soul by

listening to her wisdom and to her lust.

With a gypsy heart

she blazed amazing flaming trails

with the moon over her head

and the twinkle of stars in her eyes.

With a gypsy heart

she knew she would never be the same

or bring this romantic life to a halt

for where destiny called, she would go.

With A Gypsy Heart ~ Copyright 2010 Donniece Smith

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mover and Shaker Muse - Esmeralda

My Creativity Muse is evolving so I wanted to share her latest additions. A bird in her halo symbolizes the more flighty aspects of creativity. Many creative folks find that "in the air" is their natural habitat. But I am a down-to-earth practical gal for the most part. So this soaring sparrow is a reminder to me that it's OK to be flighty in the air-- especially now that I am no longer in a corporate job. Also added are her wings of keys to unlock creative blocks. Plus a heart as the source of it all. Oh and did I mention my "mover and shaker muse" is named Esmeralda, meaning Emerald. So her power pack is located on her back between her wings as a wire wrapped emerald. Ah yes, and only later did I learn that emerald is the gemstone for creativity and abundance!
** Oh and notice that the ridges of the keys are up on one side and are facing down on the other. This is a reminder that left and right brains opperate differently.

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This is a project for my Artella Creativity Coaching Certification
More info on that to come!